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Post  kel Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:23 am

1.no aggressive behaviour this includes bullying other members, making someone feel bad, name calling Have respect for your other members and remember everyone does things different when bringing up there children, just because its not the same as you, donít make it wrong! Please think before you type

2.We will not tolerate LURKERS!- If you only joined to gain info, graphics, whatever you will be deleted without question. If you can take the time to join the forum then you have time to at least make a welcome post and introduce yourself to us.

3. NO DRAMA! This is a drama free board. If you have a problem with a member, take it up with that member through e-mail, pm's or contact an administrator. Keep the drama off the board.

4.. NO SPAM! You may not post links to other forums. No links are allowed in the signatures. You may not spam your personal website or business that includes through e-mail and pm. NO PORNOGRAPHY! If you receive a spam message, please contact Admin so that member can be removed immediately. All spam on the board will also be removed immediately.

5. Admin have the final say in all problems or disputes. If you do not agree with that decision, you may ask to have your account removed.

6.We are all here to have fun and talk about kids, family, etc... So please have fun!

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